Associate Requirements


To become part of the Silva International Association find bride scam schools are expected to comply with the set of management and teaching principles established in the Silva Association Management & Teaching find bride scam Agreement and the Silva Guidelines.

Below are some of the key requirements:

·         Qualifying Ranks:

Blue & Purple Belts will qualify to be a Silva Associate School

Brown & Black Belts will qualify to be a Silva Official School

·         Monthly Due: All Silva BJJ Schools will be required to pay a monthly fee to maintain membership benefits.

·         Uniforms: All students and instructors from Silva BJJ Schools are required to wear the Silva Fight Gear uniform.

·         Belt System: All Silva BJJ Schools must follow the Silva Assocation Belt Promotion system.

·         Seminars: All Silva BJJ Schools are required to host a minimum of 1 seminar annually as specified by the Silva Association Agreement.

·         Dojo Rules: All Silva BJJ Schools are expected to follow the Dojo Rules provided by the Silva Association.

·         Silva Guidelines:  It is mandatory that all Silva BJJ Schools follow the Silva Association Guidelines:

  1. Identify with the Principles of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle
  2. Seminars
  3. Silva International Membership
  4. Use of Silva Logo as approved by the Silva International Association
  5. Use of Silva Fight Gear uniform & products
  6. Use of Signs on School’s Walls
  7. Student’s Attendance Record System
  8. Silva Students Belt Promotion System

·         Must have a business location where classes are offered