Associate Requirements


To become part of the Silva International Association schools are expected to comply with the set of management and teaching principles established in the Silva Association Management & Teaching Agreement and the Silva Guidelines.

Below are some of the key requirements:

·         Qualifying Ranks:

Blue & Purple Belts will qualify to be a Silva Associate School

Brown & Black Belts will qualify to be a Silva Official School

·         Monthly Due: All Silva BJJ Schools will be required to pay a monthly fee to maintain membership benefits.

·         Uniforms: All students and instructors from Silva BJJ Schools are required to wear the Silva Fight Gear uniform.

·         Belt System: All Silva BJJ Schools must follow the Silva Assocation Belt Promotion system.

·         Seminars: All Silva BJJ Schools are required to host a minimum of 1 seminar annually as specified by the Silva Association Agreement.

·         Dojo Rules: All Silva BJJ Schools are expected to follow the Dojo Rules provided by the Silva Association.

·         Silva Guidelines:  It is mandatory that all Silva BJJ Schools follow the Silva Association Guidelines:

  1. Identify with the Principles of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle
  2. Seminars
  3. Silva International Membership
  4. Use of Silva Logo as approved by the Silva International Association
  5. Use of Silva Fight Gear uniform & products
  6. Use of Signs on School’s Walls
  7. Student’s Attendance Record System
  8. Silva Students Belt Promotion System

·         Must have a business location where classes are offered