Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette

1.      Bow to the center of the mat when you enter and exit.

2.      If you are late wait for instructor’s permission to enter mat area.

3.      If you need to leave the mat area ask instructor for permission to exit mat area.

4.      Bow or shake hands with partner before and after practice.

5.      Be attentive when the instructor is speaking or teaching.

6.      The highest ranking student will conduct the instruction and unless identified to do so, students are not to teach.

7.      All gi’s/kimonos/uniforms must be clean for every class. A dirty gi is a sign of disrespect to your training partners and instructor.

8.      All students must wear the Silva gi’s/kimonos and must be color coordinated.

9.      Belt must be on at all times.

10.  Refer to Black-Belt Instructors as “Professor” and to Aloisio Silva as “Master”.

11.  No sparring or rapid display of technique allowed unless indicated.

12.  Training should be mutually beneficially to both you and your partner so work together.

13.  The main focus in Jiu-Jitsu is technique acquisition, therefore students are recommended to be methodical and vigilant in their training.

14.  During sparing all new students have the option of sitting and observing.

15.  During training, if you are at risk of being injured or a position is hurting you either say STOP or firmly TAP your partner and this will tell your partner to immediately stop applying any technique.

16.  If training consist of throws or take downs confirm with your partner if they are comfortable with falling otherwise pay special attention to placing them on ground safely.

17.  Safety is a primary concern when training.

18.  Prohibited techniques for all ranks during in-class sparring.

a.       Straight cervical neck cranks

b.      Small joint manipulations (fingers & toes)

c.       Fingers or hands in the mouth or ears

d.      Attacking the groin

e.       Hair pulling/ grabbing

f.       High velocity slams from the guard

g.      Pinching or crushing the trachea

h.      Face crushing

i.        Striking or uncontrolled dropping of body weight of any kind  

19.  Prohibited techniques for White, Blue, and Purple belts.

a.       Heel hooks or twisting foot locks

b.      Knee bars

c.       Toe holds  

20.  Purple, Brown and Black belts wanting to use the techniques identified in 14a-14i and 15a – 15c may do so only after informing partner prior to sparring.

21.  Self-control and good sportsmanship are mandatory.  There is a mutual benefit as these behaviors optimize your training and build a strong sense of team.

22.  Knowledge and techniques learned are to be used in daily practice, competitions and as a last resort in self-defense.  Inappropriate behavior such as street fights, bullying, etc will not be tolerated and will result in any student(s) being terminated as a student.



Personal Hygiene & Care:

All of the personal hygiene and care requirements are based under the concept of team fellowship in that they following characteristics demonstrate respect to one another, to the instructor and to the dojo.

1.      Attention to personal hygiene is mandatory.  All students are required to be clean and free of foul orders.  Professors hold the right to ask a student to leave is good personal hygiene is not being followed. 

a.       All nails must be trimmed (fingers & toes)

b.      Long hair must be pulled back.

c.       Colored hair spray Is not allowed.

d.      A daily bath and use of under arm deodorant is mandatory

e.       No lubricants or skin creams that may lead to an unfair advantage are allowed.

f.       All training uniforms must be clean prior to every use. All uniforms should not have any tears to avoid injury. We suggest students having more than one uniform.

2.      Earrings and all body piercings are prohibited.

3.      Open cuts and abrasions must be covered with the appropriate dressing.

4.      If you are infected with a transferable fungus and bacterial infections such as ring worm, staphylococcus, etc. training or use of the facility is prohibited until fully cleared.

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